Our History

Summer 2019

The summer of 2019 marked the 6th season for Legacy Beach. Results at the Provincial and National Championships poured in, winning 15 premier (D1T1) medals across the age groups in females only. More details below.

The demand for “High Performance” beach volleyball training continued from the previous summer. With the 4 programs in place, Comp/Junior/Inter/Senior, all of them were filled up before the start of summer. All programs were out of the Wave Sports Centre, in Burlington Ontario. Around 102~ athletes participated in one of our 4 programs.

Summer 2019

National Championships:

There was a brief moment on Sunday where there was a Legacy team in the national finals for 14U, 15U, 16U and 18U, all premier (D1T1), winning 2 national championships, 3 silvers and 1 bronze. Congrats to all. #proudclub #proudcoaches
Notables: Emma Glagau wins 16U Nationals as a 14U athlete, and Brianne Whalen and Kaiya Tyson win 14U Nationals. #2023
National Medal Count:
2014 – 0
2015 – 1
2016 – 0
2017 – 2
2018 – 3
2019 – 6 (2 Golds, 3 Silvers, 1 Bronze)
Full National Results below:
18U D1
🥈 – Kaylee Glagau / Ava Mann
16U D1
🥇– Emma Glagau and partner Ruby
🥈– Kate Clermont / Josie Sek
5th – Mya Newton and partner Alexa
15U D1
🥈– Lauren Perugini / Mikayla McBain
🥉– Reese Cholette / Giulia Chimilovski
14U D1
🥇– Brianne Whalen / Kaiya Tyson
4th – Jasmine Ellison / Jennifer Wu
5th – Maya McNabney / Thea Spasic

Provincial Championships:

The double weekend Provincial Championships has come to an end. Legacy athletes and teams continue to find their way up on the podium. Between 13U-20U Premier (D1T1), LB athletes/teams medalled in every single age group – winning 2 provincial championships with 9 total medals. Notables: Maya McNabney plays in back-to-back Provincial finals winning Gold and Silver, Lauren Perugini wins 14U provincials, and LB athletes and teams sweep the 13U podium. #futureisbright
Provincial Medal Count:
2014 – 0
2015 – 1
2016 – 1
2017 – 6
2018 – 5
2019 – 9 (2 Golds/4 Silvers/3 Bronze)
Full Provincial Results Below:
20U D1
🥉– Jillian Gleason and partner Becky
4th – Elizabeth Richmond / Kayla Gallant
5th – Ava Mann / Kaylee Glagau
18U D1 (36 teams)
🥉 – Brianna Anton and partner Jess
5th – Ava Mann / Kaylee Glagau
5th – Emma Glagau and partner Kat
16U D1 (60 teams)
🥈 – Josie Sek / Kate Clermont
5th – Emma Glagau and partner Ruby
5th – Mya Newton / Rachel Capasso
15U D1 (88 teams)
🥈 – Giulia Chimilovski / Reese Cholette
4th – Lauren Perugini / Mikayla McBain
14U D1 (88 teams)
🥇 – Lauren Perugini
🥈 – Thea Spasic / Maya McNabney
4th – Anya Bruni and partner Nicole
5th – Kaiya Tyson / Brianne Whalen
5th – Jennifer Wu / Jasmine Ellison
13U D1 (65 teams)
🥇 – Maya McNabney and partner Calinda
🥈 – Jennifer Wu / Jasmine Ellison
🥉 – Kiki Drozd
5th – Alexis Fernley / Emma Buntic

Summer 2018

The summer of 2018 marked the 5th season for Legacy Beach. The rise of elite beach training created our 3rd elite program called “Intermediate Elite”. Along with the competitive program, Legacy Beach had 4 programs running this summer (Comp/Junior/Inter/Senior). All programs were out of the Wave Sports Centre, in Burlington Ontario. Around 82~ athletes participated in one of our 4 programs.

The Provincial Championships brought in lots of top finishes across all age groups, including 3 Provincial Championship Titles.

Provincials 2018
12U Premier GOLD (from 39 teams) – Maya McNabney / Raquel Lalli
12U Premier SILVER – Jennifer Wu and partner Jas
12U Premier T-9th – Brie Clermont / Kate Maitland

13U Premier GOLD (from 54 teams) – Brianne Whalen and partner Ashley
13U Premier T-5th – Kaiya Tyson / Maria Andrejciw
13U Premier T-9th – Kirsten Ci Maulo and partner Emma

14U Premier GOLD (from 79 teams) – Tatum Finlason / Alyssa Lalli
14U Premier T-5th – Trishia Fields and partner Reese
14U Premier T-9th – Brianne Whalen / Paige Owen
14U Premier T-9th – Maya McNabney / Kaiya Tyson
14U Premier T-9th – Raquel Lalli and partner Charlee
14U Premier T-9th – Sammy Keogh and partner Vanessa

15U Premier BRONZE (from 62 teams) – Kate Clermont / Jia Lonardi
15U Premier T-5th – Emily Byers / Meghan Wittig
15U Premier T-5th – Emily Foest and partner Julia

16U Premier T-5th – Phoenix Lee and partner Hannah
16U Premier T-5th – Kate Clermont / Jia Lonardi
16U Premier T-5th – Megan Logan / Olivia Krishnan

18U Premier T-5th – Aleiah Torres / Haley Armstrong

Youth OPEN 4th – Aleiah Torres / Haley Armstrong
Youth OPEN T-5th – Elizabeth Richmond / Kayla Gallant
Youth OPEN T-5th – Arielle Palermo and partner Donna

Nationals 2018
18U Premier – BRONZE – Arielle Palermo and partner Mikayla
15U Premier – SILVER – Jia Lonardi / Kate Clermont
14U Premier – SILVER – Tatum Finlason / Alyssa Lalli
14U Premier – T5 – Jess Andrews / Raquel Lalli
14U Premier – T5 – Paige Owen and partner Maeve

Summer 2017

The summer of 2017 marked the 4th season for Legacy Beach. Due to an increase demand, the Legacy Elite program (from 2016) split up into 2 programs, the Junior Elite and Senior Elite. Both programs were tryout based programs located at the Wave Sports Centre. The Competitive Program or Open Program, also continued at the Burloak Sports Centre.

The athletes had tremendous success on the beach, making their mark at the Provincial Championships. From the 6 age groups, 18U-12U girls, LB athletes medalled in 5 of the 6 age groups (premier), winning 3 provincial titles. Results below:

Provincials (premier):
18U BRONZE – Carmen Petersen/Elizabeth Richmond
18U 4th – Mackenzie Vallee/Felicia Malavolta
18U 5th – Jenna Banz/Kayla Gallant

16U GOLD – Aleiah Torres and partner Haley Armstrong
16U 4th – Phoenix Lee and partner Hannah Duchesneau
16U 5th – Carmen Petersen/Elizabeth Richmond
16U 9th – Alexie Chevrier/Ella Carter

15U GOLD – Phoenix Lee and partner Hannah Duchesneau

14U 5th – Kate Clermont and Kyla Josifovic 

13U SILVER – Brianne Whalen/Alyssa Lalli
13U 5th – Raquel Lalli/Sammy Keogh

12U GOLD – Raquel Lalli/Brianne Whalen
12U SILVER – Kiara Dalla Pasqua/Ashley Biagioni
12U 4th – Thea Spasic/Rita Ramos
12U 5th – Shelby O’Hanion/Claire Carter

Nationals (premier):
16U SILVER – Aleiah Torres and partner Haley Armstrong
16U BRONZE – Carmen Petersen/Elizabeth Richmond

Summer 2016

Legacy offers fall/winter/spring programming over 25 weeks at the Sports Xcelerator Centre in Brantford. The 2015/2016 season marks the first season where Legacy offers year round beach training.
At the start of the summer of 2016, Legacy introduces a new program  called the ‘Elite program”. This program was created out of necessity as enrollment surpassed court space. This is the first time Legacy had a program that was ‘try-out’ based. With a total of 90+ athletes, across 3 programs, Legacy continues to grow but with hopes of expanding and creating a bigger venue and family. First GOLD medal at provincials for Phoenix Lee and partner Tia Shum.

Provincials (Premier)
U14 – 1st – Phoenix Lee and partner T.Shum (80 teams)
U15 – 5th – Charlotte Dean/Phoenix Lee (73 teams)
U16 – 5th – Felicia Malavolta/Mackenzie Vallee (50 teams)
Nationals (Premier)
U15 – 4th – Phoenix Lee/Charlotte Dean
U15 – 5th – Taite Cleland/Ella Carter

Summer 2015

Legacy offers a third day of practice in response to the growing interest for beach volleyball training. With 34 athletes across two programs, Legacy doubles their family size and begin to make a splash on the OVA tour.
First Provincial and National medals won by Phoenix Lee and Charlotte Dean

Provincials (Premier)
U14 – 3rd – Charlotte Dean/Phoenix Lee (84 teams)
U15 – 5th – Jasmine Safar/Hayley Henderson (74 teams)
Nationals (Premier)
U14 – 3rd – Phoenix Lee and partner Danielle Gravina

Summer 2014

Reid and Adam set out on a vision to build a beach volleyball club. The objective was to create a club where athletes would learn the technical skills of beach volleyball in a fun, inclusive, competitive training atmosphere, while also developing life skills like communication, work ethic, teamwork and cooperation. They found a home in the back parking lot of Burloak Sports Centre, where the facility dumped sand and setup 3 beach courts. Our first summer group had 16 athletes practicing twice a week. We called ourselves Legacy Beach.

Provincials (Premier)
U16 – 5th – Jess Arnds/Vicky Hanes
Nationals (Premier)
U16 – 5th – Jess Arnds/Emily Fiorillo